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Upcoming Events

December Community Gathering

Thursday, December 1, 2022; 7:00-8:30 PM - Please join us for All In for Milford's December Community Gathering!  We will learn about current affordable housing and food insecurity initiatives, engage with each other in small groups, and share collectively on ways to help make the city we love a community where everyone has a place to live and food to eat! ... [ more ]

Planning and Zoning Meeting

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 7:00pm - A community is created through Planning and Zoning. So much more than a committee of officials discussing permit requests, this body holds the vision for our future; directly influencing what the City of Milford will become. These decisions should include the thoughtfulness, experience and needs of every Milford resident. Please join us for the next meeting ... more ]

Current News

Milford Planning & Zoning Approves Affordable Housing Plan

May 4, 2022 - by Saul Flores - CT Post - MILFORD - Some 45 percent of renters and 26 percent of homeowners are considered cost-burdened across the city, according to a 71-page report provided by South Central Council of Governments and RKG Associates Inc.  In response to this issue - and to fulfill a state mandate — the Planning and Zoning Board, at its meeting May 3, approved the city’s Affordable Housing Plan. According to David Sulkis, city planner, all municipalities are required to update the plan every five years. In its plan, the city set goals to address its housing needs, including ... [ more ]

City of Milford Publishes Affordable Housing Plan

May 2, 2022 - Today the City of Milford has issued it's 71 page Affordable Housing Plan. In Milford approximately 45% of renters and 26% of homeowners are considered cost burdened. To not be considered cost burdened in Milford, a household must have an income of at least $56,922. The City has committed to exploring affordable housing in four areas, including: the train station area, Bridgeport Avenue area, Monroe Street area and Naugatuck Avenue. The City has also committed to a host of strategies including supporting housing education and advocacy in the community.  All In for Milford applauds the City's efforts and looks forward to further partnering with the city to help make many of the recommendations in this plan a reality!  Follow this link to read the full plan ... [ more ]

Milford's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Report

February 10, 2022 - We are pleased to let you know that the City of Milford's report on the use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds is now available. Please view this article for both the report and background information on ARPA. This report lays out how the City plans to spend about $20 million of the total $29 million allocated to Milford ... [ more ]

Winter 2022 Newsletter

January 20, 2022 - We're celebrating our one-year anniversary this month, marking the beginning of a citywide alliance to strengthen our community, ensure everyone has what they need, and make everyone's voice heard.  In 2021 we found community. While the health of our neighbors and loved ones hung in the balance, we chose unity. We are grateful to be working with you and wanted to share ... [ more ]

American Rescue Plan Update

January 1, 2022 - Since last summer, All In for Milford has been in contact with municipal, state and federal political leaders about the $26,295,776 allocated to Milford in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). From the start, we have advocated for a transparent process, where all Milford residents are informed and have the opportunity to take part in the conversation about how these funds will be spent. Our community organizing efforts have led to over 100 proposals being submitted to the City of Milford for consideration, and a series of community forums last fall.  All In for Milford is currently in communication with Alders and the Blake Administration to ... [ more ]

All In for Milford Partnerships

November 19, 2021 - All In for Milford is part of a growing regional project to make our cities and towns places where everyone can have a safe and affordable place to live, good food to eat, and a voice in the decisions that affect our lives. Here's news about work happening in other towns, led by community groups working in partnership with All In for Milford: [ more ]

All In for Milford and the American Rescue Plan

October 1, 2021 - All In for Milford (AIFM) has focused on making the administration and prioritization of the American Rescue Plan in Milford a priority. In early August 2021, AIFM began engaging municipal, state and federal political leaders to advocate for a transparent process that includes educational opportunities and public forums for Milford residents to actively inform and impact the administration of Milford's ARPA allocation of $26,295,776 ... [ more ]

Housing Presentation

September 20, 2021 - Housing is a key piece of the puzzle. And in order to build a community in which everyone has access to safe, stable housing, it's important to understand where we're coming from. In this one-hour presentation, we explored how a long history of housing discrimination practices created the segregation we're still struggling with today, and how we can create new housing policies that can build a healthy Milford for all. [ more ]

Milford Police Forum

July 13, 2021 - In support of the Connecticut Police Accountability bill that took effect, AIFM hosted a conversation with Chief Keith Mello and several members of the Milford Police Department.  Questions submitted from community members included the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on department goals, the role of School Resource Officers and the support officers can provide to ensure our community has safe and stable housing options for all ... [ more ]

Milford Juneteenth Celebration a Wonderful Success!

Saturday, June 19, 2021 - All In for Milford's Juneteenth Celebration Committee hosted the 2nd Annual Juneteenth celebration on the historic Milford Green with the support of the Milford Arts Council, the Walker Family Foundation, Beth-El Center, the We Believe Coalition and the Milford Chapter of Haven's Harvest.  As you may know, Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of Black Americans who had been enslaved ... [ more ]

Housing in Milford - A Work in Progress

June 17, 2021 - Mayor Blake and other municipal officials are taking steps to expand housing opportunities in Milford through their participation in the creation of a regional affordable housing plan coordinated by the South Central Region Council of Governments (SCRCOG).  Milford has taken part in SCRCOG's Housing Work Group, learning about strategies and tools as it seeks to serve the changing housing needs of its residents ... [ more ]

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