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October Community Gathering - Mayoral Candidates Forum

Thursday, October 5, 2023; 6:30-8:30 PM - St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Please join us for All In for Milford's October Community Gathering!  This month we will feature a Mayoral Candidates Forum. More information will be available soon.

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Keeping Milford Housed - A Moving Community Gathering!

Thursday, September 7, 2023 - Despite the sweltering heat, over 70 people came to Mary Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church to tell their stories and learn more about the housing crisis in Milford. At tables crowded to capacity, sharing delicious food provided by TEAM, Inc. and desserts from Haven's Harvest, residents learned about Milford's housing shortage  ... [ more ]

August Community Gathering Focuses on Food Insecurity

August 3, 2023 - It was a lively evening of food, information and discussion at the Woodruff Family YMCA, where the Food Bucket took its turn hosting a monthly AIFM community gathering. A diverse crowd of community leaders, concerned citizens and neighbors in need turned out to learn more about Milford's food-focused nonprofits. In attendance were representatives from ... [ more ]

All In Movement Captures Attention of Senator Murphy

August 1, 2023 - Over 20 leaders from different All In alliances around New Haven County met last Tuesday with Jameson Foulke, of Senator Chris Murphy’s office for an introductory meeting to share each other’s interests and plans and identify opportunities to collaborate. As a growing movement throughout the region, these All In alliances welcome and encourage all local, state, and federal policy makers regardless of political affiliation to contact them for these types of sharing and planning to identify opportunities in strengthening our communities and building relationships together ... [ more ]

AIFM in Action: Update on POCD and Affordable Housing

August 1, 2023 - All In For Milford members recently participated in two public hearings on the draft 2032 Plan of Conservation & Development (POCD) and followed up with a letter to the Planning & Zoning Board Chair, with copies to the City Planner, Mayor Smith and Board of Alderman Chair. Read the letter and learn about the most recent POCD plan draft.  [ more ]

Don't Sweep People Away

July 14, 2023 - New Haven Independent (Opinion/Editorial) - As the crisis of homelessness grows in our community, so do the number of people sleeping in places that aren't meant for habitation — under bridges, in woods and parks, and in other public places like train stations. The estimated number of unsheltered people in Greater New Haven has grown from 76 households to 128 at this time last year, an increase of 68 percent. As a result, as many as 60 people per night have sought emergency refuge in Union Station ... [ more ]

Milford Oks Fair Rent Commission, But 'It Could Take a While' to Find Members

July 4, 2023 - by Nick Sambides, Staff Writer, Milford Mirror - MILFORD - City leaders narrowly beat a state deadline to establish a fair rent commission to investigate rent complaints and mediate conflicts between property owners and renters ... [ more ]

Milford Residents Want More Affordable Housing in 10-year Conservation Plan

May 27, 2023 - by Nick Sambides, Staff writer, Milford Mirror - Rachel Merva loves the idea of allowing more than just commercial or retail offerings at the Connecticut Post Mall.  Robbie Silver, an avid walker of city streets, wants the city to do more to safeguard pedestrians' safety. And Michele Kramer, a fan of Milford's history, wants historic preservation closer to the top of the list of things developers must consider when they seek city permits. The three were among a half-dozen residents who spoke in mostly favorable terms of the latest draft of Milford's 2032 Draft Plan of Conservation and Development at a third and final Planning and Zoning Board public hearing on Wednesday ... [ more ]

Creating the Conditions for Stories to be Heard

March 29, 2023 - by David Morgan, Executive Director, TEAM Inc. - How do we create the conditions for stories to be heard?  It is heartening to witness the breadth of meaningful involvement to respond to increasingly complex community conditions, harnessing the strengths and opportunities, the needs and wants, and the inherent capacity for us all to collectively build the work together. And equally if not even more inspiring is ... [ more ]

Housing Committee Tackles Controversial Affordable Housing Law

February 28, 2023 - by Christine Stuart, CT News Junkie - Snow has been a rare sight this winter, but finding affordable housing is even rarer. There are little more than 3,000 homes on the market and rents have gone up on average 20% over the past two years.  With mortgage rates inching back up to over 6% and inflation still high, progressives and conservatives alike agree that affordable housing is a problem in Connecticut. What they don't agree on is a solution ... [ more ]

All In for Milford Celebrates Updated Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations

January 23, 2023 - All In for Milford is celebrating Planning & Zoning's approval of updated Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations and would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone who help make this a win-win for Affordable Housing Options in Milford. Amending these regulations was truly a community effort!  The most significant revisions to the existing regulations included removing language that ... [ more ]

Milford Changes Rules on Accessory Dwellings

January 19, 2023by Saul Flores – Milford Mirror- Milford residents who want to rent an accessory dwelling unit to someone other than family can now do so.  Charles Montalbano, of the community group All in for Milford, lauded the change. "The reaction was jubilation when they approved the regulation change," Montalbano said. He added the change would help people who need a place to live but can't afford an apartment ... [ more ]

Accessory Dwelling Unit Changes Could Make Milford More Affordable

January 4, 2023 - by Rich Scinto, Patch Staff - MILFORD, CT - The Planning and Zoning Commission regulation subcommittee proposed changes to the city’s accessory dwelling unit regulations in an effort to help with the affordable housing crisis. The work was spurred by a state law that required towns to either adopt state regulations or opt-out. The four major proposals that came out of the subcommittee are ... [ more ]

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