Who We Are

All In for Milford is an alliance of neighbors, community leaders and local organizations that works together through organizing, education, and policy work to make it possible for everyone in Milford to have what they need to live well together.

We strive to make Milford a city where everyone has a place to live and food to eat; where everyone's voice is heard, and we all can thrive!

All In for Milford works locally and across town lines to understand and address the root causes of poverty.

All In for Milford represents a broad coalition of residents -- young and old, Republican and Democrat, rural and urban, rich and poor and middle-class, of many races and ethnicities -- and dozens of local businesses, churches, community centers, and service organizations.

Working together we make it possible for residents to discover common interests and work side-by-side toward common goals, including with people and groups they may have previously misunderstood or even feared.

All In for Milford was formed in the middle of the pandemic with support and underwriting by TEAM, Inc., the community action agency in the Naugatuck Valley region. TEAM remains one of All In’s “backbone” institutions, along with the Naugatuck Valley Project, a regional grassroots organizing network.

These two nonprofits offer logistical, fundraising, and staff support to All In’s volunteer leaders, to help us work with our neighbors to share stories, build power, and create change!

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