What We Do

  • We make it possible for diverse communities to support each other’s work and collaborate to address the effects of income and wealth inequality, in a short- and long-term way.
  • We educate ourselves and each other on our city’s history in all its dimensions, and open up the world of policy and governance so residents can claim our rightful place in the decisions that affect our lives.
  • We foster efforts to make it possible for everyone to have access to housing, food, and other essentials.

Goals and Objectives

  • Build and expand grassroots leadership, through opportunities to lead and trainings in organizing skills (relational meetings, public narrative, etc.)
  • Make it possible for residents across communities to share their own stories and take part in setting and implementing this group’s agenda.
  • Educate ourselves and each other about current housing policy and navigating the bureaucracy, including planning and zoning.
  • Create opportunities to learn together with our neighbors, about the history of inclusion and exclusion in Milford, and how it continues to affect us.
  • Develop an agenda and set of priorities to work toward collectively, on housing policy and related issues.
  • Produce public events that broadcast the stories we’re building and learning and make our work more visible, and invite more neighbors into it.

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