Milford Fair Rent Commission – Call for Resumes

January 22, 2024

Mayor Tony Giannattasio announced last week that he is accepting resumes for Milford residents to serve on the City of Milford Fair Rent Commission.

Renters in our city make up over 25% of our resident population. Landlords in Milford vary from owning small properties to large scale developments. Both renters and landlords are protected through the Fair Rent Commission which was formed last year in Milford to provide an avenue for landlords and tenants to work out challenges together, including ensuring that rent increases remain reasonable and units and properly maintained.  

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, or neither, please consider submitting your resume to serve on the Fair Rent Commission so that landlords and tenants can have the proper resources they are entitled to. Include a cover letter with your resume to let the administration know why you’d like to join.  Free training is available for those on the commission. Resumes should be submitted via email to Justin Rosen at

All in for Milford would love to hear from you if have submitted your resume for consideration, or if you need assistance with the submission process. Please email and someone will reach out to you.

Please see the attachments below to view or print the Mayor's Press Release, the Fair Rent Commission Ordinance, and the Fair Rent Commission Fact Sheet.

Thank you!
All In for Milford Housing Team

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