All In for Milford Celebrates Updated Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations

January 23, 2023 - All In for Milford is celebrating Planning & Zoning’s approval of updated Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations and would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone who help make this a win-win for Affordable Housing Options in Milford. Amending these regulations was truly a community effort!

The most significant revisions to the existing regulations included removing language that required ADU residents to be related by blood, marriage or adoption and allowing ADUs to be a source of rental income for homeowners. There are over 200 ADUs in Milford, the vast majority vacant due to these restrictions.

Last August, the Board of Alders voted to opt-out of State of Connecticut recommended regulations, in favor of maintaining local control.  All In for Milford is grateful to the Planning and Zoning Board for quickly taking the initiative to charge their Regulations Sub-Committee to review the current rules and come back with suggested changes.

In September, over 60 Milford residents participated in an All In for Milford panel discussion, Housing Solutions 101: ADUs in Milford.  Following this event, the P&Z Regulations Sub-Committee worked together with All In’s Housing Team members to review key takeaways from the discussion for potential inclusion the new draft regulations.  We want to thank everyone who participated in the panel discussion and especially members of the Regulations Sub-Committee for the collaborative process they invited us to participate in.

Beginning in November, and continuing into the new year, over 40 citizens responded to All In for Milford’s call to write letters, send emails and place phone calls in support of the draft regulations, which initially faced stiff opposition. Thank you.

Finally, in January, dozens of Milford residents attended two Public Hearings of the Planning and Zoning Board.  Adding personal stories to their testimony, these citizens went the extra mile, and must be commended for their authenticity and courage.

All In for Milford would also like to express our gratitude to Mayor Ben Blake and other civil servants who took our phone calls and letters to heart - who listened, showed up and weighed in when it would have been easier, or safer, to stay home.

In Milford’s current housing crisis these new regulatory measures are not just words on paper, they open meaningful housing possibilities for real people. For students and first-time renters looking to achieve independence, for Milford seniors searching for alternatives to residential facilities. 

Affordable Housing Options touch virtually every life in Milford in one way or another. Sole proprietors and corporate executives. Social workers, healthcare workers and construction workers. Retailers and restaurant owners. City employees, teachers, firefighters, and police officers. The list goes on.

So once again, to everyone who rose to the occasion and played their part, All In for Milford celebrates you!

With our heartfelt thanks,
All In for Milford Housing Team

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