All In for Milford and the American Rescue Plan

October 1, 2021 - All In for Milford (AIFM) has focused on making the administration and prioritization of the American Rescue Plan in Milford a priority. In early August 2021, AIFM began engaging municipal, state and federal political leaders to advocate for a transparent process that includes educational opportunities and public forums for Milford residents to actively inform and impact the administration of Milford’s ARPA allocation of $26,295,776.  

Since then, AIFM has motivated public participation opportunities provided by the City of Milford including the 7-day proposal submission period of August 10th through August 17th. AIFM assisted Milford households, non-profits and faith leaders in developing submissions. Over 100 proposals were submitted to the City of Milford for consideration.

We continue to engage the City in meaningful conversations and present ongoing opportunities to incorporate the voices of Milford into this allocation process.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to respond to unprecedented needs. We must continue to advocate for the Milford community, as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, households are now faced with economic fallout and compounding social-emotional needs. 


  • 31% of homeowners and 39% of renters are cost-burdened, spending more than 30% of their income on housing costs ( 15% are severely cost-burdened, spending over half)
  • CT saw an average of 113 overdose deaths per month, up from 60 in 2015 (16 people died in Milford for a drug OD in 2020). 85% of OD involve fentanyl
  • 11% of Milford residents reported anxiety (5724 ppl) & 7% of people reports depression (3643 ppl)
  • Milford has 5,621 students; black students (5% of the body) are most likely to be suspended and Asian students (7% of the body) are the least likely to be suspended
  • Unemployment Rate of 5.7%
  • Over 6% of Milford receives SNAP benefits
  • In the past year, over 6,000 Milford residents have called into the 211 Infoline for assistance with emergency resources including: domestic violence, suicide prevention, housing and homelessness services, emergency food.

We encourage you to join the conversation! To receive ongoing ARPA news and information, please e-mail:

About the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA):

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 passed the U.S. Congress in March 2021 as an economic stimulus package, focused on COVID-19 recovery in local communities. Funds can be used toward projects that respond to one of more of the following high priority areas:

  • Supporting the Public Health Response to COVID-19
  • Addressing the Negative Economic Impacts of COVID-19
  • Replacing Loss of Public Sector Revenue
  • Water or Sewer Infrastructure
  • Broadband Infrastructure
  • Equity Focused Services

It is also important to note that local governments cannot use funds for deposit into any pension fund or rainy-day fund. In addition, the funds cannot be used for directly or indirectly offsetting a tax cut.



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