IMPORTANT: Public Hearing and Vote on Accessory Dwelling Units

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 7:00 PM - This is an important opportunity to have an impact on Milford's ongoing housing crisis. The Planning and Zoning Board will be discussing and  voting on updated ADU regulations being recommended by the P&Z Regulations Sub-Committee. The meeting will be held in the City Hall Auditorium at 110 River Street.

A Public Hearing will take place at this meeting. Your voice, and the voices of all Milford citizens can play a key role in the outcome. Please spread the word and attend this important meeting!

All In for Milford has been working with the Sub-Committee to help update the regulations. Some key updates include:

  • Allowing for ADUs to be occupied by non-relatives
  • Allowing for ADUs to be income producing
  • Allowing for ADUs to be an attached garage conversion
  • Removing the requirement to renew ADU permits every 3 years

Please also consider emailing the Planning and Zoning Board prior to the meeting to show your support in writing by clicking the link below:

You may view the proposed regulations using the link below:

[ View Proposed Regulations ]

If you have any questions about this important meeting or would like more details, please feel free to contact me.


Rachel Merva,
Member, All In for Milford Housing Group

phone: (203) 641-5088

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