PUBLIC HEARING: Planning & Zoning - Please Support ADU’s in Milford!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 7:00pm
Milford City Hall

Milford's Planning & Zoning Commission will have a public hearing this evening in City Hall.

We hope that many of you will be able to attend tonight's hearing, and support updating restrictions that Milford currently has on Accessory Apartments, known as Ancillary Dwelling Units (or ADUs).

Like many cities, Milford is in the midst of a housing crisis! Milford's 2022 Affordable Housing Plan states: 45% of renters and 26% of homeowners are considered cost burdened.

[ View Milford's 2022 Housing Plan ]

Loosening restrictions on Ancillary Dwelling Units can significantly help with the housing crisis in a number of ways:

ADU’s are naturally affordable. Because of their size, accessory apartments are “naturally affordable” housing, and an excellent option for young people and seniors.

ADU’s can help owners who are struggling to keep their homes by supplementing their income, and they can help renters who cannot afford other apartment options that have gotten exponentially pricier in recent months and years.

ADU’s are environmentally conscious because they are built where housing already exists, so there is no extra sprawl and their small size means they use less electricity and water.

ADU’s increase the town’s property tax base. In fact, studies have shown that ADU’s can increase property values up to 50%! This is a great benefit while also providing rental income, helping homeowners make mortgage payments.

Please join us in supporting ADU’s in Milford! Thank you for helping make Milford a city where everyone has a place to live, everyone's voice is heard, and we all can thrive!

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