Tuesday Election Primer: Mayoral Candidates

All In for Milford's most recent community gathering took place on Thursday, October 5, at St. Peter's Episcopal Church's Parish Hall. Using a different format from previous community gatherings, it featured a moderated and intimate conversation with Milford's two mayoral candidates, Kerri Rowland and Tony Giannattasio.

The moderator focused on four main questions for the evening based around the themes of meeting the basic needs of our residents, moving forward on diverse housing options in Milford, addressing the nearly one in three Milford residents that are cost-burdened, and making public decision-making more open and accessible to all.

In-person attendees actively participated in this vital conversation by engaging directly with the candidates based on their responses to the four main questions. Along the way, the conversation covered ways to get youth more involved in our community, amplify Milford's welcome to the LGBTQ+ community, address the housing crisis, fund nonprofits, address mental health challenges, explore gentle density and other planning solutions, and many other topics.

The event was live-streamed to viewers on Milford Government Access Television (MGAT). We highly recommend tuning in to hear what the candidates had to say on these crucial issues. 

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