Tuesday Election Primer: Milford BOA and BOE Candidates

On Tuesday, November 7, Milford residents will elect a slate of local leaders for the Board of Aldermen and Board of Education. Over the next two years, these are the men and women who will be making important decisions impacting the city's budget and our children's education.

All In For Milford encourages all residents to exercise their voting rights and make their voices heard, regardless of political affiliation. Yet many people don't participate in local elections simply because they don't know enough about the candidates.

To help remedy this, recent candidate forums for Board of Aldermen and Board of Education were organized by All In For Milford, Milford Ed Advocates and the Milford PTA Council. Nineteen out of the 43 candidates accepted the invitation to participate. The forums were video recorded and are well worth watching.

In the videos, candidates discuss their positions on critical issues facing our community. How does Milford tackle the challenge of balancing desired investments with rising costs? For students, how do we prepare them for the future workforce and support their well-being right now? How can we address hiring and retention in a time of teacher shortages? What initiatives are key to ensuring an adequate supply of housing?

The candidates weigh in on all of this and more. Below you'll find video playlists by district. (Don't know which district you live in? Find out here!)

District 1


Board of Aldermen Participants: Matt Arciuolo (D), Michelle Parente (D)

Board of Education: Participants Gary Peluchette (D), Erin Pinsince (D), Christina Prete (R)

District 2


Board of Aldermen Participant: Robert Pacelli, Jr. (D)

Board of Education Participants: Meghan Doyle (D), Susan Glennon (D)

District 3


Board of Aldermen Participants: Paul Healy (D), Holly Mulrenan (D)

Board of Education Participants: Tracey Irby (D), Una Petroske (D)

District 4


Board of Aldermen Participant: Jennifer Federico (D)

Board of Education Participants: Cindy Wolfe Boynton (D), Tom Koba (D)

District 5


Board of Aldermen Participants: Ellen Beatty (D), Carl Moore (D)

Board of Education Participants: Loren Mahler (D), Mike Smith (D)

Please note: These forums in no way imply the endorsement of the participating candidates by MilfordEd Advocates, All in for Milford, or Milford PTA Council. All opinions expressed are the candidates' own.

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